An Insight into the Canadian Express Entry System

The Express Entry system is the most sought-after immigration pathway for skilled professionals to settle and work in Canada. The Canadian government introduced this immigration program in 2015 to drive economic growth by allowing skilled immigrants to Canada. So far, the immigration program has attracted thousands of applications and has been the main driver of economic immigration. The number of permanent residents registered in Canada is ever-increasing.

Canada selects candidates who meet certain eligibility criteria and can boost its economy through the Express Entry program. The Canadian government will assess your work experience, education qualification, language proficiency, and more.

The eligible candidates are invited to apply for permanent residency in Canada. Express Entry is the fastest way of gaining permanent residence, mainly because Express Entry applications are processed within a few months.

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What is Express Entry?

Express Entry is an immigration pathway that allows skilled professionals to enter, settle and work in Canada. It is an online system to organize and process applications by skilled workers immigrating to Canada and also gaining permanent residence in Canada. The immigration programs under the Express Entry are-

How does it work?

Candidates applying for permanent residency must be eligible under the three Express Entry programs mentioned earlier.

If you apply for permanent residence through Express Entry, you must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). After evaluating your EOI, you will

get scores based on the comprehensive ranking system (CRS). You are granted a rank depending on your score for permanent residency in Canada.

 The evaluation aims to assess your ability to contribute economically to Canada’s economy. The assessment is based on work experience, language skills, education, job offer, and more.

IRCC (Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada) usually invites candidates with a certain CRS score every two weeks for permanent residency. Invited candidates must submit a complete application and documents within 60 days.

Pre-Requisites for Permanent Residency under Express Entry

To apply for permanent residency under the Express Entry, you must be a graduate with three years of relevant work experience. Although there are no age restrictions, candidates above 45 will not get points for age in their CRS.

Apart from that, you have to prove your language proficiency through language tests.

Moreover, candidates should have working experience in vocations enlisted in the National Occupation Code (NOC) 0, A, or B to qualify under Express Entry.

Advantages of Express Entry

This section will briefly discuss the benefits of Permanent residency under Express Entry. These advantages are

  • Electronic System

The processing for PR applications is done electronically, which leaves no room for discrimination. Applicants are selected based on merit.

  • Moderate CRS requirements

IRCC has reduced the minimum CRS score needed to apply for PR under Express Entry to attract more skilled immigrants to Canada. The required scores are expected to drop further in the future.

  • Fast application processing

You can get PR in Canada under Express Entry in just six months or less from the application submission date. Since it is done electronically, there are no delays in processing the application without losing or misplacing valuable documents.

Moreover, it saves you the waiting time for physical mail to arrive. 

  • Federal Immigration Program

As Express Entry is a federal immigration program, invited applicants can directly apply for PR. You can choose to settle anywhere in Canada on getting a Canadian Express Entry visa. Besides, you are not required to be proficient in French to apply for PR under Express Entry.

Final Thought

Permanent residency has several advantages, like the liberty of working and settling anywhere in Canada, free public education, and healthcare. Besides, as s Canadian resident, you do not need to pay taxes on income earned out of Canada. There are also pension and retirement benefits for permanent residents.

Most importantly, Express Entry helps employers to meet labor shortages. Express Entry is one of the fastest and simplest immigration programs and is the best option if you wish to gain PR in Canada. To learn more about Express Entry and permanent residency in Canada, consult with experienced and regulated immigration consultants at Nayyar Immigration. Schedule a Call Today!

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