New Opportunity for Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada: Study Without a Permit in Longer Programs

Effective immediately, temporary foreign workers in Canada have been granted the opportunity to pursue training and education in programs that exceed six months without the requirement of obtaining a study permit. Immigration Minister Sean Fraser made the announcement on Tuesday, June 27, 2023, introducing a temporary measure that will remain in effect for three years. This initiative aims to enhance the career prospects of foreign workers and increase their chances of transitioning to permanent residence.

Previously, temporary foreign workers were limited to studying in programs lasting six months or less, necessitating a separate study permit for longer programs. However, this restriction has now been lifted. Minister Fraser believes that by eliminating barriers to skill development, Canada will not only attract foreign-trained doctors and nurses but also bolster its healthcare system.

The obligation to acquire a study permit for enrolling in extended programs has been a hindrance for individuals seeking to enhance their education, obtain additional training, or validate their foreign credentials through specific programs. With the implementation of this new measure, foreign workers can engage in full-time or part-time studies while their work permits remain valid or until the expiration of the policy, without any restrictions on the program’s duration. This measure applies to individuals who currently possess a valid work permit or have a pending decision on their work permit extension as of June 27, 2023.