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How to apply for SIN card

SIN card is free

Submit a SIN application to:
1. request a SIN for the first time
2. obtain a confirmation of your SIN
3. correct an error on a SIN record
4. update a legal change of name
5. update the citizenship status on your SIN record
6. update your immigration document’s expiry date on your SIN record
7. remove your disc number from your SIN record

Include all mandatory documents with your application.

Service Canada will only mail your Confirmation of SIN letter to an address other than your own if you apply by mail.

Apply for a SIN
Documents required to apply
All documents must be:
– digital copies of original documents
– valid (not expired)
– clear and legible
– in English or French (if your document is in another language, please see translation requirements)

Do not use the same document to fulfill multiple requirements (For example: if you submit a driver’s licence as your secondary document, you cannot also submit it as a proof of address).

Required documents for yourself:

Primary identity document
You must provide 1 of the following documents:
Permanent Resident card issued by IRCC or CIC
– Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) issued by IRCCNote: If the COPR is used within one year of becoming a permanent resident, it is acceptable. After this period, the Permanent Resident Card is required
– Record of Landing issued by CIC before June 28, 2002

When a Record of Landing or a COPR is not available
Secondary document
– You must provide 1 of the following documents. It must contain the legal name (family name and given name) and the date of birth.
– a passport (Canadian or foreign)
– a Canadian provincial or territorial ID card or driver’s license
any other Canadian government-issued ID

Proof of address
You must provide a document that confirms the address indicated in the online SIN application. A response to your request will be mailed to this address. It must:
– be issued by one of the following: a government, a company, an institution, an organisation, a landlord or an employer and be:a document, or
– an attestation letter signed by the issuer contain the name (surname and given name) that appears on your primary, secondary or supporting document

Supporting document
If the name on any document provided is different from the name on the SIN application, a legal document stating the most recent name used is required

Please refer for updated information

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