Practice Canadian Citizenship Test

The citizenship test is usually a written test, but it could be an interview. You will be tested on two basic requirements for citizenship:

  1. knowledge of Canada and of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, and
  2. adequate knowledge of English or French. Adult applicants 55 years of age and over do not need to write the citizenship test. The Citizenship Regulations provide information on how your ability to meet the knowledge of Canada requirement is determined. Information about this requirement can be found on page 64 of the study guide.
  3. All the citizenship test questions are based on the subject areas noted in the Citizenship Regulations, and all required information is provided in this study guide.

If you pass the test and meet all the other requirements, you will receive a Notice to Appear to Take the Oath of Citizenship. This document tells you the date, time and place of your
citizenship ceremony. At the ceremony, you will:
• Take the Oath of Citizenship;
• Sign the oath form; and
• Receive your Canadian Citizenship Certificate.


Practice Canadian Citizenship Test

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Before taking this practice citizenship test you agree that this test is for general practice purpose and we do not guarantee success in actual Canadian citizenship test. This quiz is created by assessing possible questions that might come in actual citizenship test either in part or in full.

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Member of Parliament from Montreal announces that he will spend his weekend in his electoral district. This means she would be:

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What are the three territories in Canada?

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What is the capital of Prince Edward Island?

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What is the capital of Nunavut?

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What is the capital of the Northwest Territories?

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What is the national animal of Canada?

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How many time zones are in Canada?

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How many oceans border Canada?

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What is the name of Canada's national sport?

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What is the highest mountain in Canada?

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What type of government does Canada have?

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What is the national symbol of Canada?

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Who is the Head of Government in Canada?

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What is the motto of Canada?

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Who is the Head of State in Canada?

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What is the highest court in Canada?

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How many provinces and territories are there in Canada?

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What is the system of government in Canada?

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What is the capital of Canada?

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What is the national anthem of Canada?

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How does a bill become a law?

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In Canada, how are the Members of Parliament chosen?

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What is the first line of Canada’s national anthem?

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From where does the name “Canada” come from?

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How many Canadians served in the 1s World War?

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Capital city of Yukon

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How are Senators chosen?

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Where English and French have equal status in Canada.

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How is a Cabinet Minister chosen?

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