Student Direct Stream

In 2018, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada announced that it is starting a new program for students willing to come study in Canada. The main reason for the Student Direct Stream (SDS) is to decrease the processing times for students considerably. This new program allows expedited processing of study permits for individuals living in certain countries.

Apply for study permit faster through Student Direct Stream (SDS).


From $150

Processing time

Fast processing usually 20 calendar days (some applications may take longer)

Who can apply

Eligibility requirements

  1. A legal resident living in 1 of the following countries:
  2. China
  3. India
  4. Morocco
  5. Pakistan
  6. Philippines
  7. Senegal
  8. Vietnam
  9. have an acceptance letter from a post-secondary Designated Learning Institution
  10. living outside of Canada when you are applying
  11. have proof of tuition fee for first year of study
  12. have a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) of CAN$10,000
  13. IELTS result general score of 6.0 or higher
  14. have medical exam before you apply
  15. police certificate before you apply
  16. have your most recent secondary or post-secondary school transcripts

Bring your spouse or partner and children with you to Canada

Your spouse or common-law partner and dependent children may also be able to get faster processing on a

  1. visitor visa
  2. work permit
  3. study permit

How to apply

Apply for a study permit through the Student Direct Stream

You can apply online yourself or take assistance from an RCIC. We would be happy to assist you with your application process.

If your application doesn’t meet the eligibility for the Student Direct Stream, it will be reviewed as a regular study permit.