Super Visa

With new Super Visa rules, one can stay in Canada for 5 years and can extend their stay for another 2 years.

The Canadian Government issues a TRV to people having relatives in Canada. TRV is issued for business, transit and tourism purposes only.

If you are planning to go to Canada after 3 months, then you need to know the time the Canadian embassy would take to process your application. This process can take longer than expected. Make sure you have enough time after your application submission. Apply for visa at least 7 months to 8 months before you have planned to go. A minimum of 6 months will be taken by the consulate to collect information about you, the details you submitted in your application, confirm that information and so on

Applying for Canadian Super Visa

There are 2 options;

  1. Apply Online: Filling an online form is an easier option because you can correct your mistakes while you are filling the form. You might find this application as lengthy and time consuming as it requires lot of information about yourself. One would need a valid way to make an online payment of the fees. Payment can be made through credit card or other bank cards.
  2. Second Option is Paper application: One can download the application package from the CIC website and can sit back and fill it. In this package, there is a checklist explaining all the documents you require and guide how to fill this application. One can take assistance from a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant RCIC who are qualified and can guide you in understanding the application form questions and process.

Fill in all the sections with required details. Do not leave anything blank as this can change the outcome of your application result. Incomplete applications are not accepted. Ask a qualified RCIC to guide you through the instruction guide if you are not able to understand something, but do not leave the questions unanswered.