Tourist Visa

Traveling to Canada is easy with a tourist visa. Individuals who travel with a tourist visa have no restrictions inside the country. To make your visit to Canada easier learn what are the things to do to get your tourist visa.


  1. Anyone wanting to enter Canada must have a valid passport with at least 6 months’ validity before it expires.
  2. Proof to support that one can afford the visit.
  3. Explain plan to return to their home country after the stay and be in good health. One might be asked for a doctor’s note, employment verification and sometimes a letter from a friend or family member who is a Canadian citizen.

Applying for the Visa:

Not everyone who wishes to travel to Canada needs a visa. You can check the CIC website to find out if you will need a visa. If you need a visa, detailed instructions are available explaining the process, forms and instructions that you will need to start the application process. Make sure you read the instructions as they will also help you determine your eligibility.

Documents required:

In addition to your passport, you will need two recent photographs that are two by two inches. You may also be asked for a letter of invitation. The visa package includes the initial application.


Criminal convictions such as assault, theft, manslaughter and driving while intoxicated can have your visa request denied. If you are sick or contagious you can be denied entry. Canadian officials suggest you check their website for more information on who will be denied entry into their country.


Application fees for visas are not refundable for any reason. Payment must be included with the application forms. Payment methods vary from country to country. Check with your local embassy for more information.


Enhanced passport holders do not need a visa to enter Canada. Some other exemptions apply so be sure to check thoroughly before you apply for your Canadian tourist visa.