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What Are Benefits Of Canada Immigration For Indian Migrants?
Published by admin November 2, 2021

Canada inspires lakhs of people from throughout the world with India being no exception. A recent study suggests that most of the 18,000 individuals polled across the globe (from as many as 24 different nations) would reside in the Maple Country, in case they got an opportunity.

Perhaps, this is because the said country proffers several benefits to its people. Indeed, the Maple Country provides many opportunities, and Canada immigration comes with numerous benefits for all, including the Indian migrants.

Actually, a flood of benefits greets Indian immigrants to Canada. From safe & secure environment to terrific business/investment opportunities, from life time free healthcare to a variety of social assistance schemes, the overseas nation provides numerous benefits to those who shift to it, and become its nationals. No wonder, the country occupies a high place on the immigration map of the world not only for the Indian migrants but also for the migrants from other areas of the world.

Benefits of Canada immigration for Indian migrants

Here under are given some of the many benefits which greet the Indians, who shift to the dream land called Canada.

Life time free healthcare

The nation boasts of one of the globe’s best healthcare arrangements. Each and every national and permanent resident of the nation is duly sheltered with insurance plan of his specific province. The given health plan is funded by tax measures even as it proffers the globe’s best possible essential health services, along with hospital’s and doctors’ charges. Every resident of the nation enjoy free access to world-class healthcare. A significant section of the individuals above 65, along with the social aid receivers, get most of their drugs & tablets/pills absolutely free. Each and every citizen of the Maple Country gets complete healthcare protection. It covers not only hospitalization but also doctor visits. The many benefits are normally available inside just 3 months of acquiring the prized citizenship, and at certain times, earlier.

Free first-rate education till 12th grade

Ottawa gives free primary & secondary education. The nation also gives financial support for post-secondary studies. Each and every kid ought to be present at school till they turn 16-17 even as 95% of the kids go to such public schools, which receive funds and are free. The nation spends comparatively more on education, vis-à-vis any other developed country. Significantly, the Canadian educational arrangement differs from one province to another.

Child Benefits

Till they turn 17 years, every child receives monthly payments from Ottawa on the basis of his parents’ earnings. The said fund is proffered to every child in the country for a better life & education.

Safety & security

As compared to most other nations, Canada is safe and one can feel so at any given time even across the downtown regions of the key Canadian cities of Calgary, Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto, etc. Across almost every class, the Maple Country has lower crime rates vis-à-vis other nations, including its immediate neighbor, the US.

Unmatched all round prosperity

Canadians have developed robust & stable economy even as presently they enjoy its many benefits. Majority of the jobs in the Maple Country enable people to cover all their expenses, and feel well covered and protected.

Social assistance schemes

The nation boasts of several administration-aided & funded schemes & arrangements which accordingly assist those, who have no jobs, to get a job soon.


In Canada, the migrants can rest assured that they won’t be subjected to discrimination on the basis of their faith, language, origin, sex, etc.

Excellent businessmen/investment environment

Starting an enterprise or a business in the country is relatively easy–as Ottawa encourages and helps those who are keen to so. In fact, anyone who has the resources, and feels confident enough to do so, may develop his own company. That the nation boasts of the lowest administration debt & the lowest business taxes in the G7 only further boosts its credentials as a paradise for overseas businessmen/entrepreneurs.

Amazing natural splendor

The Maple Country boasts of some of the most stunning landscapes across the globe with snowy mountains, rolling hills, sandy sea-beaches & massive water falls. And these make possible certain sport and adventurous activities, such as canoeing, Para-gliding, hiking, cross-county skiing, etc.

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