Federal and Provincial Programs

With the good quality of life and standard of living, Canada has become an attractive place for working as well as residing. Canada offers many immigration programs for all its prospective immigrants who would want to live and work. Canada has 3 categories for immigrants. First is the Family Class, which is composed of relatives by blood of permanent residents or citizens of Canada, the Independent immigrants, on the other hand are those which immigrated to the country, and the last types are the Refugees.

A large portion of the areas in Canada have accord with the Federal Government of Canada that permits them to name applicants who wish to get used to the individual region. On the other hand, Federal Skilled program, the applicant has to cater to the skills set as per the Federal Government. This does not leave the applicant with many choices. However, with the Provincial Nominee Program, the applicants have a better chance of getting accepted and the applicant would be better decided as to where he wants to reside in Canada.

The Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) allows an applicant to apply to provinces where they would like to invest, live and work. The provincial government nominates candidates based on eligibility criteria set by provinces and it can be changed as the current requirements of the province, the economic requirements of the province as well as skills. These programs permit applicants to be nominated by a specific province. These programs benefit the province as well as the candidate. The PNP program has acquired huge fame among the migration aspirants. The program is an attractive path for anyone to get Canadian PR. The PNP presents options for individuals like Skilled Workers and Professionals, Businesspersons, individuals having family members who can support them and individuals who have prepared options for employment/Work Permit. There are a couple of Provincial Nominee Programs under business class, which permits the areas to choose, select and designate qualified money managers from around the world, who have the expectations and capacity to move to a territory and set up or buy a business.

In order to immigrate to one of the Canada’s provinces as a Provincial Nominee, first you have to be nominated by the province or territory you want to immigrate to. All the different provinces and territories have their own nomination procedures. After you have been successfully nominated by a province you will receive a certificate of nomination. This will be sent directly to the visa office by the province so there is no need to attach it to your application set.

The next step of the program involves the province in question approving the immigration application of the candidate. The authorities of the province have all the discretion to either accept or reject the application. This decision is completely based on needs pertaining to immigration as well as the authenticity of the applicant when it comes to permanent residence in the province.

Through these programs, the applicants would have an option to join their set of skills, academic qualifications and their total work experience. These set skills are the key for the economic contributions that could be made by the immigrant. Based on these criteria and the requirements of the province, a applicant is selected.

Applicants may be asked to:

  1. provide documentation of qualification
  2. do supervised work
  3. complete a technical exam
  4. undergo a language examination

Medical Requirements

You and your family members must undergo and pass a medical examination. In order to pass the examination they must not have a condition that is a danger to the public health or safety or a condition that would cause excessive demand on health or social services in Canada.

The medical exam validity is for 12 months from the date of issue and if you are not admitted as a permanent resident during this period, you must undergo another complete medical examination.

Other documents required
You would need a Police Clearance Certificate issued by the authorities of your country. The validity for the Police clearance Certificate is 3 months.

The last step caters to the province nominating the candidate. Post this; the applicant has to submit his application at the IRCC for a final acceptance to obtain the visa.

The most popular provinces that attracts a huge number of skilled professional under PNP program and are; Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Prince Edwards Island.