What is a Canadian Experience Class?

The Canadian Experience Class is a streamlined immigration pathway that allows individuals who have previously worked in Canada for an extent of over one year to immigrate permanently or gain permanent residence status. The CEC is a part of Canada’s Express Entry immigration.

This program is applicable to students who have studied in Canada, provided they have completed their studies. This program aims to promote the stay of temporary Foreign Workers and international students.

The program falls under the Express Entry system and uses a comprehensive ranking system (CRS) to rank interested candidates. The applicants with the highest rankings receive an invitation to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence.

Who is Eligible for the Canadian Experience Class program?

The eligibility criteria of an individual include at least twelve months of full-time skilled work experience in Canada. The experience must also be within the previous three years from the date of application.

This program only applies to those with a prior experience in Canadian life.

Canadian Experience Class Eligibility Criteria

Besides the 12-month Canadian work experience, applicants must meet other eligibility criteria, such as-

  1. You have been a legal worker in Canada and obtained work experience.
  1. The employment duty in Canada must fall under NOC code skill level 0, A, or B
  1. You must be staying in Canada for the preceding 36 months from the submission date of the Electronic Application for permanent residence (eAPR)

Moreover, the Canadian Experience Class requirements have other eligibility criteria that must meet. They are-

  1. Residence in Canada- There should be sufficient evidence of your stay in Canada.
  1. Language- An applicant must achieve a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level 7 in either English or French language test for NOC skill level 0 or A jobs and CLB 5 for NOC B jobs.

A candidate meeting all the above-mentioned requirements will be eligible to submit an Express Entry profile for the Canadian Experience class program. You must note that a candidate must meet the basic Canadian admissibility requirements, such as criminal offenses and medical conditions, which may deter your admissibility In Canada.


  1. How to calculate your Canadian Experience Class CRS points?

The Canadian Experience Class candidates are invited to apply for permanent residence based on CRS scores. You can calculate your Canadian Experience class points using an online CRS calculator.

2. Can You apply for the Canadian Experience Class program from outside Canada?

You can apply from anywhere worldwide, provided you meet the essential eligibility criteria for the program.

3. Is proof of funds necessary for the Canadian Experience Class?

No, you do not require proof of funds or provide documents regarding your finances.

4. Does your internship experience in Canada count for your Canadian Experience class?

It depends. If your internship was a part of your education and was an unpaid one, then it will not count. But if you have done an internship separate from your studies and are paid, then it may count in favor of your Canadian Experience Class.

Advantages of Canadian Experience Class

There are many benefits of Canadian Experience Class, we will discuss a few, and they are-

  1. You are not required to provide proof of settlement funds under the Canadian Experience Class.
  1. Canadian Experience Class applications are rapidly processed within three to four months and require the least documentation.
  1. You already have a year of experience when applying for the Canadian Experience class. This boosts your chances of attaining permanent residence as it affects your CRS positively.

The Canadian Experience Class is one of the most sought-after immigration pathways to attain permanent residence status. It is the best option for temporary foreign workers and international graduates who wish to become permanent residents in Canada. If you want assistance regarding Express Entry, consult Nayyar Immigration, who has the experience and expertise to make a strong case for you, and you get permanent residence in Canada.

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